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Instamojo Pricing

NEFT/ RTGS/ Bank Transfer

FREE - ₹0

For All Transactions

Debit Cards/Ctext-dangerit Cards
Supported Debit Cards
Supported Netbanking

2% + ₹3

Per Transaction
Supported wallets
EMI Options Also Available with Top Banks

International Credit Cards
ctext-dangerit cards

5% + ₹3

Per Transaction
American Express Cards
American Express Cards

Compare Pricing

Instamojo's overall costs compatext-danger to other modern platforms & traditional gateways.

Fees & Other Charges Instamojo Modern Platforms Traditional Gateways
Setup Fee Free ₹0 to ₹10,000 / year ₹25,000 / year
Annual Maintenance Free ₹10,000 to ₹25,000 / year ₹10,000 to ₹25,000 / year
Minimum Commitment No Commitment Varies Upto ₹1,00,000 / month

No Hidden Costs

Cost of time and effort spent increases hidden costs. But not on Instamojo.

Costs Instamojo Modern Platforms Traditional Gateways
Time to Get Started 3-5 minutes 1-4 weeks 4-8 weeks
Developer Costs for Integration Not Needed ₹1 Lakh+ ₹1 Lakh+
Legal Costs of Agreements Not Needed Varies ₹1 Lakh+

Why choose Instamojo?

We have everything you need today, and tomorrow.

Features Instamojo Modern Platforms Traditional Gateways
Copy-Paste Payment Buttons Included No No
Online Store Included No No
Fraud Protection Included No No
In-Built Dispute Resolution Included No No
Digital File Hosting & Download Included in Digital Pricing No No
Transaction Failure Prevention Included No No
Weekly Performance Report on Email Included No No
Real-time Sales Reporting Included No No
Payment Links Included No No
Integration with SMS, WhatsApp & Social Media Included Some No

Frequently Asked Questions

What currencies are supported?

Instamojo processes payments only in Indian Rupees (₹). Although we do not support payments in alternate currencies, we do support payments from cards issued outside India. These customers will see the amount in ₹.

Do you support NGOs/Non-profits?

Yes, we support NGOs/Non-profit organizations to collect payments on Instamojo for no additional fee. If your NGO has an FCRA certification, we'll be able to enable international donations for you as well.

What if I have high volumes?

Please contact instamojo at if you accept very large payment volumes per month, and we may be able to provide you custom pricing based on your volume and needs.

What happens in case of a refund? Is the merchant charged on the transaction that gets refunded?

If you refund the money to your customer, you are not charged anything additional. Instamojo will retain the fee on the original transaction only. When a refund is initiated, no additional transaction fee is charged for transferring the money back into your customer's account.